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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

19th Birthday & Malacca Trip

 so, we finally did it.we finally went somewhere other than sg, and with my family as well. this was and is the best birthday i have ever had.i love you so much. and its just a few more days to our 1 year 8th month. i really cant wait. so anyway, baby came over to stay on the 10th, as our trip's on the 11th. woke up early in the morning as we're going by car, bathed, prepared, grabbed our luggage and headed off to johor for ah koong fishball noodles for breakfast. baby said it wasn't nice. :/ well, i feel that their standard did drop but, still okay for me lah! haha, then started our what? 3 hour plus? drive to malacca, stopped at rest stops along the highway for toilet breaks and one rest stop had a foodcourt/kopitiam kinda thing. so we sat and had a drink. poor dad resting his tired and cramped legs. haha! reached malacca around 12 plus 1, as we can only check in AFTER 2pm, we headed to the portugese settlement to have lunch. it was fucking nice, the garlic fried mushrooms, the otak, baked fish(heck, i dont even eat fish, but it was damn nice!),brinjal etc. but baby say 'so-so' WTF. Bloody princess damn hard to please. so anyway after that, had abit of fun trying to find our hotel, dad kept going in circles and we were joking and laughing all the way in the car. its really been so long since i had that kind of interaction with my parents and family. finally found our hotel and checked in. Marvelux Hotel. not bad la, rooms are clean and dont smell musty and all that haunted shit but the breakfast is damn sad. only a few dishes. well, its a boutique hotel actually.But! its a 4 days 3 nights trip and 2 nights were spent at Marvelux, the last one was at Holiday Inn!! that place, is class maximus. and for the two nights spent at Marvelux, we went to Jonker Walk! its like a pasar malam but its damn big and they sell virtually anything, even shurikens and nun-chuks etc. :/ and got to try the cheesy potato! omg, fucking nice! hehe, did shopping at dahtaran palawan( izzat how it's spelled? idk :/) and in general just relaxed and unwind, singapore is way to stressful. it was a well deserved break. ate pizza hut on the night of my bday and had a cake too! it really was damn fun and how i wish that we would stay that way forever, no stress, no worries, just enjoying each other's company. baby got to see my parents in a totally different light. she even joked around with my dad and mum! seeing them so happy tgt for the first time, really makes me happy as well (': but all good things must come to an end, and we made our journey back to sg with a heavy heart on the 14th. can really tell that everyone was reluctant to come back. those pictures above are only a few of the many we took, and i forgot to rotate em :/ but well, if im gonna start over uploading, its gonna take ages! so, nah! haha!

i know its not easy with this job and all, but like i said, hang in there okay? this is just a stepping stone, better having a future than not doing anything right? dont worry, i'll always be here supporting you in the right things. its been so long since the day we first met, yet my feelings are only getting stronger. it really sucks that we cant meet much nowadays due to work and all but trust me, when the time comes for us to see each other again, we're gonna have so much fun, as always! remember your promises to me! and practice more self control! dont always eat so late and skip lunch! in fact, NO MORE OF SUCH STUFF! haha! happy? i finally updated this dusty blog, but you're probably the only one who reads it anyway, aside from myself. hahah! i love you baby, always have, always will. <3<3<3<3

Monday, December 26, 2011

1 and a half years.

Today's the day. The day we hit one and a half years. Each month we pass, we prove to ourselves how much we can't stand not being with each other. How much we want to be with each other. The only regret I have right now is not being in sg with you to celebrate our 1 year 6th month baby. I miss you so much and how I wish I could just teleport next to you! Okay, I'm being childish. Ahaha! Anyway baby, happy one year and six months. Six more months and it'll be two years already. Time passes eh? Haha! I always say that every month. Anyway baby, I just want you to know that no matter what happens, I'll always love you and i'll make you smile. I promise. I will take care of you till my teeth falls out and my hair turns white! Nth can keep us apart. I'm looking forward to the 30th where I'll be able to pinch your chubby cheeks again and play with your button nose! I can't wait! I miss you! ): happy one and a half years baby!


Friday, December 2, 2011

it probably was. you'll just let everything slip right through. as always.